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We are looking for Hotel Loans. We want your business. Loan to Value Ratio of 75%, 85% and 95%. Loans starting from One Million up.

We will work with Real Estate Brokers, Sellers and Buyers.

Mail your business plan with the standard information including:

Balance Sheet and Income Statement on the business.

Last two year corporation tax returns on the business.

Photocopy of Corporate Certificate of Incorporation or Business Certificate and Articles of Incorporation.

Corporate Tax Identification Number and D.U.N.S. Number.

Personal Financial Statement and two year Income Tax Returns on the buyers and management.

A letter explaining the dollar amount of financing and the term of financing that you need.

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APPLICATION for Hotel / Motel Financing

Application web page located at:

Print the Application, complete and sign and fax to 501-639-2475.

Then call BOB MOORE at toll-free 866-944-6634.

Mail your business plan to:

BOB MOORE, President
Cash Financial Services
P.O. Box 1683
Lawton, OK 73502

Turn Invoices to CASH
Over 20 years, Cash Financial Services has been helping businesses with Invoice Financing, Purchase Order Funding and Commercial Loans.

Turn your Invoices to CASH.

For information on improving your cash flow visit web page:

Tax Recovery Service
Our Business Clients average over 10000 Ten Thousand Dollars in taxes recovered. We will analyze your taxes for FREE! No cost to you.

No Recovery-----No Fee

For more information visit webpage

Airplane Financing
We offer the Five Star Aircraft Manufacturing Financing Program consisting of:

Purchase Order Funding to build the aircraft;

Floor Planning Program to increase your inventory of aircraft;

Purchase Financing for your retail clients;

Leasing Financing for your retail clients;

Plus Invoice Financing when billing clients for repairs or services.

Group Employee Benefit Program-----Pre-Paid Legal Services

A great Employee Benefit Program without costing your business a penny.

You are three time more likely to be in Court then in the hospital.

You or your employees have a legal question or need legal help, as a Member, you call your attorney and get legal help!

For more information visit

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For Hotel / Motel Financing email BOB MOORE at

or other questions email

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